Assignment 5: Making it Up

Whilst listening to a Christmas themed playlist on Spotify I came across a song, by artist Sia, which resonated with me and brought on a wave of nostalgia that took a long while to dissipate and when I shot the images in the series you’ll see below I used that rush of feeling as a a creative influence and motivation. I decided to shoot a series in the style of Film Stills with inspiration from Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills, Nathaniel Dorsky’s films (and their exhibited stills) and a variety of other viewer made film stills I browsed on Tumblr, click here for my research regarding this. The set is supposed to look as though it has been taken from a music video, if I were to create a music video for Sia’s Everyday is Christmas this is what it would look like in selected stills. As there is no original film to my ‘film stills’ I began to question their validity but actually I now think that like Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills this makes them even more intriguing and asks viewers to question the potential meaning of what they are viewing. The link to ‘Everyday is Christmas’ by Sia is here.

Each image in the set was planned and directed by myself, carefully adding and subtracting elements from the frame until I got the effects that I wanted. There is nothing in any of the images that wasn’t considered. The main props I used, and which are a main feature in every image were Christmas lights and sometimes other Christmas related objects. I wanted the set to be intimate so I used a close range, intimate angles and a large aperture. There isn’t much depth of field in this series, preferring to keep unwanted distractions in a blur of bokeh, turning them in to a mood enhancer. I cut the final images slightly to give a wide screen cinema effect. As I don’t have access to cinematic lights or really anything close I decided to go for a more muted, indie style. The lighting I used consisted of a soft desk lamp with an adjustable shade to help direct it, my harsh LED smart phone light, artificial street lighting, my camera flash and different Christmas string lights that all had changeable modes which were experimented with.

To view the evaluation for this piece please see the bottom of my research page here.

Final 6

Movie Still Curtains Wide Screen Dimensions

Movie still xmas tree smaller.jpg

just to see at 3700

3700 second redder








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