Assignment 1 (Re-work)

Main tutor suggestions to use:

  • Tai Chi set – use a full body shot rather than a cropped body image to get the full impact of pose and action
  • Strange white bar running through the image in set 2, pick another?
  • Remember to keep the camera and the angles straight

Summary of changes made in re-working process: (see the original assignment here)

  • General edits to each image as follows – First image of first pair was very orange so I changed the white balance setting on Photoshop to make it ‘whiter’ and then brightened it. I like this new brighter, whiter image as it brings out the blueish bags under the models eyes which help to portray the ‘bad boy’ side of him. Second image of the first pair had a lot of excess white wall and the model was sitting a bit far down in the frame so I cropped it to bring him up and more central and get rid of unnecessary space. I then colour matched it with its pair as best I could and brightened up the model’s face. The first image of the second pair I cropped so that it would look similar to it’s pair who’s subject is a bit closer. The second image of the second pair was quite orange so I changed the colour balance on Photoshop and then colour matched it as best I could to its pair. The third set I brightened and straightened the frame of the wooden furniture behind the subject as it was a bit wonky. The fourth set I exchanged the second image in the set for another that I had in my contact sheets as my tutor had suggested I use a full body image in order to get the full impact of the pose and action (tai-chi). I didn’t use a full body image as I didn’t think it would match its pair (smoker with top half of body) but I did use an image where the model was more central and more of his arm movements from the Tai-chi pose could be seen. In the fifth set I changed the temperature as it was very orange and the second image in the set I cropped and tried to straighten it as my tutor had pointed out that it wasn’t straight (although I should have done this at the time so it wasn’t a perfect fix when I straightened it on Photoshop – but it is improved) and added a warming filter to help match it to its pair.
  • The white bar running through two of the images is from the mirror door and although I am aware that in this set it is distracting I think that the images on their own benefit from the line as it adds a psychological factor of sorts, a kind of splitting as they don’t line up. I could explore this in a different project, one perhaps about mental health and possibly using my own portrait.. I won’t have a chance to shoot these images again before I submit but I will remember in future that distracting lines might be confusing and distract from the main concept of my project.
  • The last image (Pair 5 Image 2/2) I have straightened up a bit in Photoshop, it isn’t perfect but it is much better than it was. I have already taken this advice on board (about thinking about whether the camera and angles are straight) and it should be visible in my other Assignments.
  • The text you find below is a revised version of what I wrote for the original assignment. For the original contact sheets and any extra information I wrote about the project at the time please see research here and original assignment here.


‘Bad Boy’ vs ‘Good Boy’

The activity pairs I decided on:

  • Smoking (Bad boy)
  • Drinking/drunk (Bad boy)
  • Gelling hair, very black attire (Bad boy)
  • Shaving, seen as masculine (Bad boy)
  • Eating food prepared by girlfriend (Bad boy)
  • Grooming himself, tweezers/comb (Good boy)
  • Dying hair (Good boy)
  • Tai Chi (Good boy)
  • Drinking smoothie (Good boy)
  • Cooking (Good boy)

The audience for these two alternate personas might be an article on a juvenile offender (Bad boy set) to provide awareness of how easily it is for a young boy to become lost and socially deviant versus an article on the new trend of ‘metro-sexuality’ (Good boy set) to help educate society on the overlap of gender and the more health and body conscious male identity.

I read an article about Indoor Photography which I found on Google in order to prepare myself for the low light images and artificial indoor lighting. I decided that the most important thing to me would be to make sure that the exposure was acceptable and that the images were sharp.

I think that the shoot went better than expected. Instead of using some of the ideas I had using nature (a river scene vs an extreme flooding scene at the same location just days after) I decided to step out of my comfort scene and use people as my subject and I am very pleased with the results. Some of the images (see contact sheets) were over exposed, some were under but overall I was happy to find that I had a lot of interesting shots to choose from.  I don’t think it is easy to tell which persona is ‘the real Fynn’, the two personas definitely overlap in real life but from the images I don’t think that one looks more like an act than the other.

The final set of re-worked images:

Pair 1 ‘Bad Boy’
Pair 1 ‘Good Boy’
Pair 2 ‘Bad Boy’
Pair 2 ‘Good Boy’
Pair 3 ‘Bad Boy’
Pair 3 ‘Good Boy’
Pair 4 ‘Bad Boy’
Pair 4 ‘Good Boy’
Cooked-for rework.jpg
Pair 5 ‘Bad Boy’
Pair 5 ‘Good Boy’

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